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Welcome to Fikiria Kwa Undani (FKU) Africa Podcast, the home for African content. This podcast shines the light on Africa issues, ranging from African languages, countries, borders, health, wealth, music and more.

This is the voice of Africa hosted by a musician – Maneza f8.


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  • FKU #14 – Queen Andrea Dondolo on Stokvel, Home affairs, GVB, Racism 06/26/2020
    FKU Africa podcast, FKU #14 – caught up with Queen Andrea Dondolo on a very interesting chat about her life as a kid FKU #14 – Queen Andrea Dondolo. Her journey as an actress, her roles in stoklvel  , home affairs, Felix. She is very interesting person the chat was fun. We went on to […]
  • FKU #13 – A Rare secret that can unite Africans, watch and learn 06/19/2020
    As we all know how divided Africa is, we found a way to unit Africa as one. When Africa start to realize the importance of unity, Africa will be unstoppable. This is about time we unit Africa, We will go through on the best way, how to unit Africa. We are all about African unity […]
  • FKU #12 – Happy Youth Day, What is your strategy to change your narrative? 06/16/2020
    This a special episode as Maneza F8 speaking from his heart on issues that the youth of today is facing around Africa. June 16 1976 the youth of Sharpville in Soweto took it up in themselves to fight the systemic racism that was a causing hardship in the lives of black people. evey 16 of […]
  • [FKU Africa Podcast Ep11] Top 5 Richest Women in Africa 06/12/2020
    This is a celebration of our African queens. We are bringing you the top 5 list of richest woman in Africa black woman to be precise. We have woman from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa in that list the likes of Hajia Bola Shangaya, Bridgette Radebe, Folorusho Alakija to name a few. This best African podcast […]
  • [FKU Africa Podcast Ep08] Top 5 Instances Where African Union Failed Africans, How did African Union End up a Puppet Union. 06/06/2020
    Failed to Liberate Africa Completely from the west. To empower woman into leadership positions. To fight corruption in African countries. To Make sure that elections run smoothly in African countries To Unit Africa into one. Make sure to view the china Africa relations video: China: Hadassa Interview: Hidden history: The music in […]
  • [FKU Africa Podcast Ep10] Africa’s Greatest Loss, happy birthday Muammar 06/05/2020
    In this episode we going to discuss the raise and the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, How did Muammar Gaddafi come to power, How did he nationalise all the state resources, How did Muammar Gaddafi die, What was the richest country in Africa, Was Libya better after Muammar Gaddafi die? Who killed Muammar Gaddafi, Was USA […]
  • [FKU Africa Podcast Ep9] George Floyd Didn’t Die In Vain Africans Needs To Be In Africa 06/04/2020
    RIP George Floyd you death is not in vain brother your have made a lot of change in this world we are living. more people are now woke because of your death.
  • Episode 10 promo The life of Muammar Gaddafi 06/04/2020
    This is a trailer for the next coming episode that we will be bringing to you live on Saturday 3pm CAT. Make sure you don’t miss it for anything. Don’t forget to subscribe to FKU Africa Podcast.



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