[News] 18 yrs old Khanyi Son of DA Masizole Mnqasela trending for raping 8 fellow school girls

Khanyi The Son of DA MP Masizole Mqasela in Rape Scandel

Recently few girls have spoken out about their experience with Khanyi Mnqasela the son of Masizole who is a Democratic Alliance leader and speaker of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament. It is reported that this boy was accused of five rape instances in his former school Table view in Cape town before he moved to Table mountian high schoo. Where he continued being accused of the same rape activities.


Table Mountain High student Khanyi is accused of raping and sexually violating more than eight girls at school and claimed to be untouchable due to his father’s political influence.

After this scandal broke twitter was outraged and dragged his father’s previous cases where he was accused of raping a school girl and went on to win the case. 

Some of those girls that spoke up discribed the events in detials, where he invite one girls at his parent’s house telling her that her other friends and his friend are already there. To her surprise there was no one she stepped in to her fate he raped her and acted like nothing happened after that.

People are upset to his father too for protecting him  all this time, because when he was reported so many times nothing happened to him.

The boy was those popular boys at school and that made him feel invisible.

Twitter started a #khanyiMustFall and #KhanyiMustGoToJail hashtags, that led to more people talking and coming out. Talking about different experiences and many people didn’t waste time to voice out their anger and opinions about Khanyoi.

Some latest news which are not yet comfrimed claims that the boy Khanyi have commited suicide, After all this have started trending and his friends started asking him about it. I hope this is not true even if he did rape those girls I wish he lives so he can be sentenced for what he have done.

We are in the hard time now where womean are not safe in the streets. at least we expect them to be safe at school this neeeds to be delt with.

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